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Yadin Larochette

With over two decades of experience in the art conservation field and another 10 years in the business sector, Yadin advises businesses serving the art and heritage preservation communities on how to improve their audience reach and build sustainable growth.



“I have known Yadin casually for many years because of her work with Tru Vue and found her helpful and knowledgeable. I got to know her better when she joined Conserv where I am one of the Community Advisors. Yadin has an impressive and broad background in conservation and in business. In many ways she has been a pioneer as a conservator working in businesses that provide goods and services for conservation and in working in both a corporate setting and a start-up company. She is a skilled communicator and understands issues from all points of view. She is reliable and delivers on what she says she will do.  I have found her a valuable colleague and have enjoyed working with her.”

M. Susan Barger, PhD

Consultant and Conserv Community Board Member

"Yadin and I have worked together over the years in various capacities, both within the art conservation community and in business. Her professionalism, strong work ethic, sharp eye to detail, and dedication--combined with a keen sense of humor--make her an invaluable colleague." 

Julie Heath

Executive Director, Indiana University Innovates Hub

“We at SmallCorp have worked with Yadin for nearly 15 years both as a vendor and as a client, and we have consistently found her to be knowledgeable, capable, professional, and personable.”

Hoyt Wood

President, SmallCorp

"I’ve known Yadin for the last 26 years in a variety of different roles—from intern under my supervision, to hiring her on contract to oversee projects in the lab, to vendor and advisor when she transitioned to work involving glazing and environmental monitoring. She has been a delight to work with in all respects and is consistently dedicated to getting the job done well."

Sarah Gates

Retired, former Head of the Textile Conservation Laboratory at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

"I've gotten to know Yadin over the past year. She is kind, whip smart, and very talented. She would be an asset to any organization!"

Stefanie Joy Muscat

Founder and CEO, Bevara

"We are fortunate to have met Yadin during her tenure at Tru Vue, when we got to know her well over the six years she served as their representative. We have also gotten to know her as a community member.

Yadin has always been compassionate, tenacious, and professional-- ready to tackle any request that came her way, always helpful and responsive. Yadin stands on a solid foundation as an art conservator, possessing the art and material knowledge as well as the collaborative and communication skills necessary to connect different stakeholders. With a sympathetic and practical understanding of the challenges and conditions that confront a wide variety of arts-related enterprises, Yadin personifies passion and integrity, and we feel fortunate to count her not only as a trusted colleague but also a friend."

Chris Barnett

Co-Owner, Sterling Art Services

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